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The day had arrived that you were to be no longer by my side,
It was your time; from this I could no longer hide.
I was sure our love could have kept you here, accompanying me on this ride.

I know you had to leave me today, but I wish it wasn’t so,
When the Vet gave you your wings I cried, as I didn’t want you to go.
So I came home with your collar in my hand,
With nowhere safe to land,
I was now without you, barely able to stand.


I didn’t want to wake up today, I wanted to be with you,
Where are you now? We were like glue,
I feel so broken; I don’t know what to do.


I cry a river, an ocean of tears,
I live with so many fears,
How do I live now that you are no longer here?
My mind can’t comprehend, that you won’t be there when I peak around the bend,
That we won’t be together again.

People say things intending good,
But I feel so often misunderstood,
You were my everything, my pain it shows,
But it’s me now that must weather these lows.

After so long, and as the pain subsides,
I truly know that your spirit is by my side.
I have had to learn to live without you,
It wasn’t easy to bid you adieu,
I love you more than ever,
Our bond no one could sever.

I am so thankful for our time together.

In Memory of Boofey – 1989 – 2008.


For Kellie –
You no longer accompany me in this life
You were needed in the ethereal plane
Run free my darling baby till I reach the Rainbow Bridge.
Love, your Mum.

For Honey –
Rest well my darling angel, the fight is over
The pain you will be set free from
Walk with your mum, sister and brother in the light
The burden is now mine to carry.
Love, your Mum.

For Carlie –

I miss you so, my little one. Your pain is gone, you had won. I held you and talked to you and cried. Then in my arms you died. But now I have the pain in my heart, your loss is great. I love you so, and for your sake I will try to be strong, we will meet again.

Love you always, Your Mommy.

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